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Ratnayake Spices is a Sri Lanka based Spice and other commodity bulk trader. They provide Ceylon spices, rubber sheets, maize (chicken food and human food) in bulk for food manufacturing companies, small scale spice grinding mills, hotels, restaurants, retail and bulk shops and other traders and exporters. Their products are not labelled as they provide only bulk and not in packet form. The stores of Ratnayake Spices are located in Kandy and Mirigama.


About this project


Pixel Clear redesigned the entire site according to the client requirements.

Domain & Hosting

Pixel Clear has hosted the website in own servers. LK Domain registration process has been carried out by our team.

Mail Setup

The domain is registered and configured with Zoho Mail. Now the clients have a friendly interface to view and their mails easily.

SEO Optimization

The site has been optimized with suitable keywords.

Project Duration

2021 April 05th to May 25th