Pixel Clear develop Online Shopping Carts for E-commerce businesses in Sri Lanka

From about 2000 to 2010, businesses were advertising on portals managed by external
companies. With the rapid changes set in internet expansion businesses set up their own company
website. Since 2015, with the introduction of mobile phones to the market people have started promoting their
businesses on social media such as Youtube, Facebook etc.

Then came the pandemic (covid 19) and a complete game change occurred. Businesses were
compelled to conduct their business by adhering to new rules which required social distancing, open
spaces, fewer physical contact with customers, thus e-commerce became the holy-grail overnight if
businesses were to survive. Online shopping carts and E-commerce development is the norm today.
For example, assume a very small grocery shop in a rural area serving 50 households.

Typically, a pre-pandemic scenario would be customers visit the grocery and physically check out the prices, item by item
from the proprietor or wife, buy what is needed by paying in cash, pick up the goods in person packed in a
plastic bag and walk, bike or drive off. This process had to be restructured in keeping with the new
regulations in force which meant ordering online. I believe In today’s context at least one person in the
family has a smartphone with an internet connection which allows one to install any app like WhatsApp,
Facebook, Instagram etc.

Furthermore, the rural area grocery shop in question conducted business from home violating the
lockdowns and curfews enforced. However, in order to survive, it conducted business with half-closed
doors or displayed a phone number for customers to call. With the former, customers entered the shop
wiggling through a half-closed door or in the case of the latter phoned the grocery which in turn asked the
buyer to come to the rear area of the shop… This kind of behaviour was in gross violation of the rules
which if caught allowed PHI or police to institute legal action. The simple solution was for the grocery
shop owner to create a very basic E-commerce website with an online shopping cart facility targeting its
customers. This allowed the grocery owner to conduct an e-commerce online shopping cart where he could
display discounts and special offers on FMCGs through Facebook or directly communicate via WhatsApp.
All hassle-free from harassment from the authorities. The shopping process got completed by the grocery
owner delivering the goods using a motorbike, TukTuk, or courier company to the customers’ doorstep.
In the case of wholesale dealers, manufacturers etc. For instance, an ornament manufacturer can
supply its goods to retailers using an online e-commerce shopping cart.

Pixel Clear develops cost-effective e-commerce online shopping cart services at very reasonable prices.
Payment, instalment schemes are available.

Should you wish to know more about how your organization/entity can benefit from E-Commerce and
Online shopping cart support services i.e. whether you are an existing user or not, please call



WooCommerce is the world’s most popular and free open source e-commerce shopping cart development tool. WooCommerce comes as a WordPress plugin: a reason for its popularity amongst WordPress users.


OpenCart is Sri Lanka’s most famous and free open source shopping cart integrated tool. It enables
greater customization capabilities, stores management systems, as well as unparalleled Re-Order Levels.
Also, it allows multiple payment options and canny delivery.


Shopify is a cloud-based e-commerce platform. It enables you to create your store by yourself. Even a
non-technical person is capable of creating a Shopify site. We at Pixel Clear can be your support staff for
Shopify SEO optimization, technical support, content updating including text and images etc.

E-Commerce Online Shopping Cart Advantages
for business owners in Sri Lanka

Labour, Staff involvement in the process

As a business owner you can reduce your labour costs by not hiring receptionists, security personnel, cashiers and many more. No EPF/ETF commitments, no medical leave, absenteeism, fringe benefits, shortleave or holidays. Less labour means less trouble and more profits.

No building rent, air conditioning and other overheads

You do not need to have a well-decorated, eye-catching shop with Air Conditions, superior racks and other interiors. It just cuts your overheads to nothing, providing greater profitability.

No physical cash involvement, no threat of theft

No cash is received from clients, so no cashier flouts, balances to give or rush for change. More security within the establishment. Cashiers needn’t bank to deposit money. Security for you because there are no cash dealings. No additional expenses in setting up CCTV.

Whilst on Lockdown (Covid 19) in Sri Lanka E-Commerce can continue

Except for pharmacies and essential services in Sri Lanka, all other establishments must close down: it is mandatory. I am pretty much sure your grocery back door is open or you sell from a half-open door in front. Everybody, in the government/police/health authorities, know all must survive these difficult times. So why
risk your life and others by getting exposed to the coronavirus. There is a way out with the ECommerce shopping cart. You can limit people’s physical involvement in your operations. We are sure that this pandemic and lockdowns/curfews are going to last for a considerable length of time. Consequently, you can not close your establishment indefinitely either – if you close for a week your competitor will take your business. So, to stay alive you must run your business. So our general guideline is ADOPT OR DIE. It is your only way out.

The Grocery owner does not have to be a technical skill, but things are easier than we think

5 years back, you never thought about introducing technology for your grocery in your village. A compelling reason for that was the high costs of technology. Computer hardware was expensive too. But things have changed now, no Fixed Costs. You can pay for technology the way you use it. For example, you do not need
a server and 5 desktops for cashiers and lease lines. Just your smartphone fulfils everything; it provides total solutions. Even data connections are not expensive today. Technology becomes cheaper and cheaper day by day and also more accessible. Also, you do not have to hire an IT expert anymore. You can simply
outsource your total IT requirements to a small company. Sometimes you may think you or your shop is too old to use technology and only young people can do business using technology. This is a misconception because studies have proven that old people are very good at utilising technology for they work on
instructions. But young people think they know everything and change for the sake of change, sometimes ending their business.

Top 7 E-Commerce Online Shopping cart features

Cash On Delivery Option

We do not want to force our customers to pay by their credit card. We can simply allow them to get it delivered first and then make the payment. So our customers do not have credit card risk. Also, the customer is happy because he pays after goods are received. So he does not have to be wondering… Of course, the customer has the option to pay using their credit card or cash.

Order from the mobile website

From your mobile phone, a customer can log in to the Shopping cart E-commerce website, select a key item in 1 or 2 minutes and complete the transaction. One may utilize WhatsApp, messengers to better coordinate with grocery owners and customers. You may be in Colombo and on Friday or home in Ambepussa on
Friday. Doesn’t matter. You can make the order and ask the owner to keep it while you are on the way Student registration and Credit Card Payments.

PayHere Payment Gateway Integration

We can integrate any Sri Lankan corporate bank payment gateway. However, PayHere (http://payhere.lk/) allows you to have payment gateway integration without any annual or monthly commitment. It charges only commission from transactions. Therefore PayHere payment integration is very safe for startups.

Share Discounted Products / Promotions on Facebook

From your product list, there can be few items that you won’t sell fast. Maybe perishables, prices are going down or competitors are selling at lower prices. You can simply put a cash discount, credit card discount, bundle discount on a Facebook page. From your e-commerce site, it is a one-click task that will share on
FB. Also, bring them to the shopping cart home page as the featured product(s).

Order the same things you order previously

Take 100 customers. At the next visit also they will buy more or less the same set of products. Researchers have found the visits of customers are habitual i.e. on the same day at the same time. For example, if the customer buys a lot every Saturday morning; he/she repeats it every Saturday at the same time. In particular, this may happen on Salary dates. In our E-commerce or online shopping cart, we can manage a wish list. This enables us to set up buy features more conveniently for repeated purchases.

Stock Management within the E-commerce online shopping cart

The current stock level is automatically managed within the E-commerce online shopping cart. When a sale takes place stock automatically reduces and when it reaches Re-Order Level it prompts. Also depending on the frequency, selling volumes simply can generate Reorder Quantities. You do not have to invest in a
separate stock control system as this fulfils your basic stock controlling 100%.

Supplier Management, Account Management, Customer Management
From the system itself, we may be able to save our customers’ birthdays. Automatically we will be able to send wishes. So customers will love the relationship and be reminded of your shop’s existence. Also, vendor details and management can be done via E-commerce and online stores back end itself. In addition, basic accounts management can be done via this.

Our Process

Strategy Development

Advertising Management

Community Management

Effective Content Creation

Measurement & Reporting

How can we help you?

We are a sociable bunch and our new business comes primarily from recommendations & referrals from clients & friends who know how we work. We don’t think that salesmen should do all the talking for us and so we recommend that you speak directly to our clients to understand who we are and what we do. Our social media pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality




We have helped Noritake to host and design their site along with WooCommerce Integration. We have also helped keep their website and plugins up-to-date while providing troubleshooting support.    

The Home Depot LK

The Homedepot website is hosted and developed by us. We have successfully integrated the OrelPay facility into this website’s payment page. Frequent support is offered to them by us.

Plants & Plants (Shopify Site)

We have designed the E-Commerce website for Plants & Plants with Shopify. This site is hosted by us and we continuously maintain their email facilities as well.

Mirigama Online

This website is hosted and designed by us. The site is currently getting maintained.

Lakro Inventions

This website has been renewed as an Online E-Commerce store. Previously designed as a WordPress site, we have redesigned the site with Opencart. This made it easy for the client to manage product orders.