Depending on the school and location, accommodation in the campus may be cheaper than living on campus.

However, when comparing prices, it is important to bear in mind that communal services are not usually included in the pricing of housing on campus. You will also have to think about food, transportation, and cable/Internet costs ..

You will be able to live independently, where you can learn to cook, clean and pay your own bills …

Depending on where you live, you may need more time to go to the university ..

In my experience, it was the biggest challenge I had to overcome because I didn’ t have a car, and I had to rely on a university bus or my own bike to get to my class in time …

Living off campus means you can’t be surrounded by students, or live near the University ..

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When it comes to choosing a dwelling on campus or out of it, it really depends on your personal preferences ..

Looking back, I’m really happy that I lived on campus for a while, because I managed to make lifelong friends …

It was also a great way to avoid loneliness so far from home, especially being a bit of shy freshman! There was always someone nearby to learn or just talk to …

I later enjoyed living on campus because I was able to save money, become more independent, cook for me and manage my time better …

I am happy to have experienced both, and I would not change it for the world …


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