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Moodle is one of the most popular online E-leaning management systems in Sri Lanka. It creates a 100% virtual learning experience. With the Covid-19 pandemic restricting life in every conceivable sphere 90% of Sri Lankan universities , educational institutes , schools, tuition-teachers use Moodle as their e-leaning platform which guarantees safety, saving time and resources. For these reasons and many more “Pixel Clear” — an IT company incorporated in Sri Lanka leads the pack in providing moodle support service.

Should you wish to know about how your organization/entity can benefit from Moodle support services i.e. whether you are an existing user or not, please call 0772841457.



For instance, if your Educational Institute doesn’t have any online learning facility; we analyse your institute’s necessity though consultation on how to integrate moodle.


Cost being one of the primary factors in any business venture these days, hiring a manager to operate Moodle Systems can be a heavy burden on any organization. Thus the best solution might be to outsource an administrator who can provide moodle technical support, content management and training.


Perhaps, your organization is a user of Moodle services but needs enhancements or additions e.g integrating zoom or online student registration and many more. On the other hand it could be the present service provider is unable or inadequate. Then again it could be all is well but you need ad hoc services. All this is possible because we are flexible to client needs.


Social Media Strategy Right

Initially, we provide consultancy work for your business to understand and analyze; next, we carry out social media market research where competition is most.


Our social media advertising services have accelerated growth almost 100% to our clients with unparallel results. Please refer to Pay Per Click for more details.


We provide a range of social media writing relevant to your business; so that, what you are offering online generates a positive outcome.

Corona (Covid 19 Pandemic) its risks to educational institutions and mitigation

Historically, Sri Lankans have had a culture of learning be that agriculture, architecture, linguistics or religion; no less, during colonial times and post colonial. Educational competition has gone hand in hand so much so private tuition is the norm. As Covid-19 rages across the globe with no available cure in sight, physical interaction has had to be reduced to a bare minimum. So much so, should people have to meet a strict-code-of-conduct had to be imposed whereby social distancing, mask-wearing and least congregating is a requirement. Naturally, educational institutes have to adhere to these regulations imposed where student-teacher classroom interaction has almost been reduced to a minimum. Culturewise, Sri Lankans are not used to social distancing, wearing masks or sneezing into a bent-elbow; no less, student(s) using public transport tend to flout social-distancing. Going by all this, the risk is real in running tuition classes or educational institutions with a physical presence of students/teachers. Thus, should educational institutions/tuition classes attempt pre-corona teaching practises it runs the risk of being quarantined, all teachers and students subjected to PCR tests and in the event of anyone discovered having Corona, such individuals get referred to IDH. In such an event the quarantine applies to all family members, friends and whomsoever the ill person interacted with. It goes without saying, all these hazades are avoided with online e learning systems”

Benefits and features for online Educational Institutes using Moodle

There are multiple benefits for different stakeholders, such as; students, teachers, institutes, the country and society. For instance, students can learn from home quite leisurely over a cup of tea at the side of their table, save valuable time with no mobility required and money for transportation. Teachers or students needn’t be dressed prim and proper, casuals should do for students with more formal-dress for teachers. His/her learning environment is of their own choice within the home. The quality of learning and teaching is bound to be enhanced. Whilst it can be said teachers are much likely to benefit the same as students; in addition, they could monitor each student separately eliciting better results. Several other aspects noteworthy are: testing, paper-marking, conducting exams with random questions that can eliminate coping, vastly improved student attendance are all managed easily from the comfort of one’s home. Other important factors are: less overheads cost, such as air-conditioning, far less lighting, no classroom to clean, rent which can pare-down to 60 to 70 %.

Top 7 Moodle Plugins

Best Moodle Zoom Integration team in Sri Lanka

Zoom is Sri Lanka’s most popular online video conferencing platform. It enables video communication between teacher and students in real time: they can chat and ask questions. Teaching sessions with zoom can be initiated via Moodles.

We will integrate youtube and vimeo with moodle

Teachers can record the teaching session and put it on youtube or vimeo. On demand they can review the teaching session via moodle. Questions and answers can be cognated in a variety of explanations through video chatting instead of pristrictive text . The approach is very popular, effective which elicits better results for students.

Student registration and Credit Card Payments

Do you know you can run a FB campaign, generate leads to Moodle landing pages and convert them to register for courses online and make payments online at the same time. It is efficient and fast with no paperwork, staff, data entering or banking required.

SMS Integration

We can simply integrate SMS gateway with moodle. You can manually send sms or automate. You can use SMS for two objectives; namely, marketing and improving student learning. We can notify upcoming courses and student progress. Ex : Assignment status etc.

No need for a separate website. Moodle can be your main website

We can simply create a nice looking website with the aid of Moodle. There is no need for a separate website and link to moodle — strategically this advantage. For e-learning purposes when students login to the website, it counts as a visit for whatever the duration is which in turn helps SEO.

Mailchimp – Email Newsletter Moodle Integration

If your Institute prints a monthly magazine about achievements , new courses etc: you can reduce cost by converting it to a mailchimp newsletter. The beauty is we can simply integrate subscribers to Moodle too.

Interactive Animated Contents

In conventional learning from a textbook you see letters , graphs and pictures. But with Moodle we can integrate interactively to a range of animations — for ex white board

Our Process

Strategy Development

Advertising Management

Community Management

Effective Content Creation

Measurement & Reporting

How can we help you?

We are a sociable bunch and our new business comes primarily from recommendations & referrals from clients & friends who know how we work. We don’t think that salesmen should do all the talking for us and so we recommend that you speak directly to our clients to understand who we are and what we do. Our social media pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives.


Things we have Done

We are building bridges in web technology in order to connect the client’s goal to reality



Alpha Business School

You need to have a brand able domain. Another golden rule is, it has to be short as possible. Also it should be pronouns able. It this factor you have to consider your target market as well. Also you can make the domain name readable specially for target segment language familiarity. Also no need to bias against .com. You can try regional domain such as Sri Lanka .lk and Australia . Also you can target the sector. For example if you are an organization .org . Make sure you avoid the names that conflict with others business. In keyword selection you can think about domain aspect as well. If the domain has keywords then it is an additional benefit.    

Was helpful to handle all required tech matters. Very helpful and knowledgeable tech staff. Highly recommended.

Ignatius Fernando Google Review (5-stars)

AIA Education

Amount of storage is an important factor. Also it is important to consider the bandwidth. Sometimes you may have sub domains and the hosting should facilitate that. The data base support is a mush. Also it should support the relevant technology. For example mysql or Mssql. How easy to install from control panel. There are situations where mobile hosting is different from web hosting. If you can get shell access then that is great. Access to ,htacess is also important. Cron job facility is an additional advantage. Web site backup approach is the key.

We are using the moodle system for our institute (Asian International Academy) through Pixel clear. They provided an excellent service and very Prompt. So I appreciate their service and highly recommend.

Mary Jesudhas Google Review (5-stars)

Sanetra Academy

You can own a email address for your website domain in both, and . This makes name and brand recognition easier and builds trust and confidence amongst customers generating greater marketing momentum. Also, whilst, the organizations information gets centralize; most of the email providers can chat on email as well. The scope is so vast that employees and clients can share the calendar for appointment; yet, divisions with the entity can have separate corporate emails too.

I'm the coordinator of Sanetra Academy. We created a moodle system for our institute through pixel clear. They provided an excellent service.So I appreciate their service and highly recommend.

Sanetra Academy Google Review (5-stars)

Knowledge PLUS

In this modern competitive business world, coherently written content plays a vital role in positioning your website in digital market place. Understandably, to have proper content in place a good Knowledgeable Language writer coupled with Technical and domain knowledge is vital. E.g. SEO content writing plays an important role in keyword analysis and preparing the SEO copy right. In that context “Call To Action” is also an important feature. Also proper structuring and design of the content is equally important i.e. Proper Titles and Sub Titles dealing with the genre(s) in question. Thus, rather than writing content to impress, it must cognate, be concise, unambiguous and excel in clarity. Hence bearing in mind, the ultimate objective is not only to make the reader happy but making it understandable. For better reader comprehension, it is suggested a page shouldn’t exceed 500 words, keeping to a minimum of 300 is best. This because content reading of today must encapsulate the bottom line with fewer words, as readers are inclined to view picture-grams, as opposed to lengthy essays.

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