To live on campus versus campus in the United States.

When I lived on campus, the first year at the university, I was just a short walk from the library, the dining room, the gym, and the classrooms — you’d appreciate it when you have 8:00.

In my room was Wi-Fi, the bathroom and the general areas were cleaned, and all the furniture was turned on ..

If you live on campus, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the magnificent university meal plans, too. I enjoyed this option because I didn’ t have to worry about cooking, buying grocery products, or doing the dishes-thank you.

When you live right in the middle of the campus, you will feel part of the community and most likely move on to events that occur around you. Learn more about.

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Living in a dormitories gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. I made some great friends.You’re probably going to share your room with at least one other person. Sometimes it can be a problem when you want to be alone …

There are rules to follow in life on campus. This ensures that there is always a pleasant environment ..

In general, the University has been urging first-year students to live on campus because it helps in the transition to an American college of life …

When you live on campus, you’ll have more room, and you probably won’t have to share a room with another person. In addition, apartments tend to be much quieter than at dormitories


Story of The Great Marketing Agency

PIXEL CLEAR started the journey as a small Sri Lankan web site design company. The turning point started when we start doing government web designing work with ICTA agency Sri Lanka. We were able to maintain that boom by reaching more and more government web sites. Along with that we specialized in areas such as SEO, SMM, PPC and Email Marketing and it help us to provide a much better service to existing customers. Currently we are more focus on E Commerce and Content Marketing.

Currently we have clients from Australia and Norway. Also we are branded as a Digital Marketing Agency. Currently we are handing B2B as well. Currently two Australian web companies are outsourcing their development work to us.

Pixel Clear Mission

We Create your Online Dream.

Culture of Pixel Clear

We are highly customer value driven Digital Marketing Agency. Specially when foreign (Australian) digital marketing company outsource to their work to us we do special care on them. For example our Sri Lankan developers start work from 4.00 am Sri Lankan time (8.00 am Australian time) ensuring proper communication. When choosing a good writer, make sure that he or she is also able to help you with any issues that arise in the editing process. They should be able to give you any changes you may need. and give you a timeline when you should be ready to send in your finished draft. Most papers can be completed within a few weeks, but you should be able to talk to a good paper writer right away if you need them immediately. We have a learning culture within the team and performances is measures annually using Balance Score Card method.


In Sri Lanka we mostly work with clients directly rather than B2B. Our sales team located in Colombo and Developing team located in Mirigama. We are the most award winning medium size web designing company in Sri Lanka. Especially we have nearly 7.5% market share from the government web designing. Here we work with Small and Medium Sector, Corporates, Government Associations, NGO, Clubs, Professionals and etc. Our reputation exist in Sri Lanka for more than 6 years.


We recently start the business in Australia. Currently there are few direct client but major work coming from B2B. So far two Australian companies are outsourcing to Pixel Clear and the business is very profitable to Foreign Companies. We always try to update with the latest technologies and ensure high quality deliverable to the intermediary companies.

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