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An Innovative Mobile Application Developer in Sri Lanka

Currently you may be running your software on a desktop using the internet. But in today’s busy world you would need to run your software while traveling via your mobile phone. It can be a simple task management system or “Point of Sale” (POS) integrated “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP). At Pixel Clear we can convert your existing software in to a mobile application. Likewise you can digitally transform your company to the next level out doing most of your competitors.

In Sri Lanka the majority of phones use Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. We develop mobile applications not only for phones but specialize in tabs: the busy businessman’s working mobile tool. What’s more you have the option to submit your mobile application to Google Play or App Store should that be your need, or alternatively it can internalize the application for your exclusive use.

The most popular mobile application(s) developed today are: E commerce mobile application and Company Information Mobile Application. Some of the salient features in these applications make it possible to view goods visually and carry out spontaneous purchases. As already explained the other popular category is internal software applications on your mobile, which we have designed in mobile based association management system, mobile based HR system or tab based Customer Survey Application.



Almost all Samsung / LG / OPPO phones run on Andoid operating system, no less in Sri Lanka the majority use Andoid too. This means your tailor-made andoid app can go viral indiscriminately amongst anyone, any place, any time.


Tab Applications are recommended for corporate clients with many advantages such as; it can fixed in their office, is portable, can be hidden from public view and can give access to the organization’s stakeholders [only].


The premier segment of Sri Lanka mostly uses iPhones today. Therefore, an IOS application is most suited when targeting influential clients in Sri Lanka – “it is not trend it is a must”!

Mobile Application Payment Gateway Integration!

In today’s world most of us are familiar with online payments. It can be a VISA, Master card or PayPal payment. Do you know the same is possible through your mobile application? For instance, it may be a local payments gateways such as Sampath Bank Payment Gateway Integration, Commercial Bank Payment Gateway Integration or any other. Even Payhere integration (which is the Sri Lankan counter-part of PayPal) can integrate to your mobile application. Additionally Mobile Payment Gateways such as mCash Mobile Payment Gateway from Mobitel and eZCash mobile payment gateway form Dialog can be used. It is also possible to build your Mobile Application for any association, restaurant or company and receive payment to your bank account via your mobile application.

Why should you Build A Mobile Application for your Company or yourself?

Let’s assume you operate a saloon in which you are a an Individual Make Up Specialist. Obviously ninety percent of your new clients, along with existing ones would make appointments by calling. Not forgetting the fact they will call other saloons as well. Thus, should you build a mobile application and let your client’s free download, it gives your saloon a greater competitive edge over the rest merely because an icon appears with your logo on their mobile phone screen with regular updates and latest model designs, make up materials etc. Also you make seasonal offers such as December Party Dresses or May wedding make ups. In this way when they get frequent updates via mobile application there is continuous engagement with your saloon making an excellent marketing ploy for up selling. Your clients would be attracted and engaged through your mobile application in such a way where flourishing business could be established over time..

By applying this case study (fictional) to your business, with the necessary modifications of course, you are able to hold onto existing customer and entice new customers to pay patronage.

How to become wealthy after building a free mobile application on Google Play

Advertising on your platforms

You can encourage people or companies to advertise on your mobile application platform by letting a range of people download your app. Free.

On Sign up collecting email datebase

Although the mobile application seemed a free download actually it is not. You can make their email address mandatory requirement before allowing the free download, which in turn can be used to build a huge emails address list. Such an email address data base has many advantages; principally, in entirely selling the data base, or advertising for other entrepreneurs or advertising any other business of yours.

Build a Free App for People to buy any product

This means people freely shop using a shopping cart to buy any product you wish to sell. For your part you needn’t hold any inventories but just set an ordering system directly to the supplier.

Include a Premium version, of the above, with some extra incentives

Whilst the normal free app is on offer devise a separate Premium version with nice features and offer it at fair price.

Collect information and sell

From you mobile application a lot of info can be gathered and analyzed; e.g. in customer behavioral patterns, spending trends, spending power, preferences, interests etc.

Promote others in you app

Selling other purveyors services and products are call Affiliated Marketing. In this scenario, someone else can sell their services through our app.

Monthly or Annual Subscriptions

Charging an annual subscription for services provided, e.g. latest political or sports news, discounted goods and service, share market announcements, dividend payments, currency values, government financial news, precious metal prices, world petroleum prices etc.

Crowd funding

You can drawn up a project proposal in which the public can invest by buying a few shares Kickstarter, Indiegogo, CrowdFunder or AppsFunder.

Tab Based Customer Satisfaction Application

We have developed a Customer Satisfaction Monitoring system for Android Tab users. The Tab Application allows customers to express their candid view on a scale of 1 to 10 ranging from fair, good to excellent and vise a versa. Because the system is direct between customer and management with no intermediaries (slacky employees) involved the info is accurate and accessibly in real time. Whereby management can study and evaluate information and act in rectifying any issue that hampers progress. It also allows staff to be compliment for their achievements. In fact it monitors the business in real time, with real info where nothing is overlooked when it comes to customer care

Smart Phone based HR System

In a web based HR System we develop a mobile application interface. The mobile application is a very light weight application just to capture information such as: Leave Requests, Check Leave balances, overall attendance, salary banking, EPF/ETF remittances, deductions, incentives, entitlements, bulletin-board news, etc. The data is stored in a centralized cloud server so that information is secured with sufficient backups. A central control system administrator gives access to authorized personnel to monitor the entire workplace.

A Tab Based Student Survey Software

Usually at the end of the lecture session surveys are carried out to evaluate various criteria. Normally, students fill out an evaluation form about the teacher’s ability to explain abstract concepts of the subject matter, how effective was the lectures, effectiveness of the handouts distributed etc. As this is a manual exercise some officer collects the forms then enters it to a spread sheet and starts analyzing. This could be a tedious task at times when the analyzer has other commitments to attend to. However with this software analyzing and producing the final result can be done in seconds. Our Tab Based Student Survey Software has an interface where student can enter the requested details and once the submit button is pressed all the information gets passed to the server. Then next student can start entering details and so on… After all students completed the task it generates a summary report of all the info sought after.

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